Wie Dandies die vegane Marshmallow-Welt revolutionierten

How Dandies revolutionized the vegan marshmallow world

Dandies' vegan marshmallows are literally on everyone's lips these days and are extremely popular - not just among vegans. But that was not always so. We'll show you what the beginnings of the vegan cult brand looked like and why demand for Dandies' vegan marshmallows is constantly increasing. But let's first clarify what dandies actually are.

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What are dandies?

Dandies are now an extremely popular alternative to traditional marshmallows. The delicious, fluffy-soft marshmallows are made from purely plant-based ingredients . Dandies vegan marshmallows do not contain any gelatin or animal products.

Traditionally, marshmallows are made from gelatin, an animal product obtained from the cartilage and bones of animals. Marshmallows have previously been taboo for vegans or people who want to avoid animal products for ethical or health reasons. However, with the invention of vegan dandies, this has now changed.

Dandies' vegan marshmallows are made from vegetable starch and syrup, which are processed into a soft and sweet foam. We love the vegan sweets especially in American s'mores, as a topping for many desserts or the classic way in hot chocolate.

Dandies are not only vegan - they are also free of artificial colors , flavors and preservatives. They contain no fat or cholesterol and are completely gluten-free . This actually makes Dandies vegan marshmallows a healthier alternative for all marshmallow lovers.

Why are Dandies vegan marshmallows so popular?

Dandies' vegan marshmallows are becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason! On the one hand, as mentioned at the beginning, they are very animal-friendly because they do not contain any animal ingredients. This makes them perfect for vegans and vegetarians who are committed to an animal-friendly lifestyle. The vegan marshmallows from Dandies are also impressive in terms of taste and are in no way inferior to conventional marshmallows. Dandies have an almost identical fluffy-soft texture and delicious, sweet taste as traditional marshmallows.

In addition to animal welfare, the inventors of the Dandies also focus on the environment. This is also the reason why the Dandies are produced sustainably . Thanks to the plant-based ingredients, vegan marshmallows require fewer resources than animal products. The company has already received several awards for its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The Dandies are made in the USA in an environmentally friendly factory that runs on renewable energy. Additionally, Dandies has also partnered with the Rainforest Trust. This also protects the rainforest and wildlife .

Who invented the vegan dandies?

The company Chicago Vegan Foods , which also produces the Dandies we know today, was founded in 2001 by Ryan Howard and Dan Ziegler . In addition to the vegan marshmallows from Dandies, the two entrepreneurs from Chicago Vegan Foods also have other vegan products in their range (vegan cheese, vegan frozen dessert). But the two Americans achieved a really big success with the vegan marshmallow alternative .

Originally, Ryan Howard just wanted to make vegan marshmallows for himself because, as a vegan looking for a vegan alternative, he was dissatisfied with the existing selection of vegan marshmallows on the market. In the months that followed, Ryan Howard experimented with various plant-based ingredients and gelling agents. His goal was to develop a recipe that was very close to traditional marshmallows in taste and consistency - without using animal products. After many attempts and failures, he finally managed to create the perfect recipe . The first vegan marshmallows were produced for sale in 2010. At first, the vegan dandies were only sold on a small scale until they finally found their way into larger stores and from then on they really took off .

In recent years, the Dandies have experienced a significant increase in awareness and popularity and are now available in many, mostly American, stores and online shops - and of course here!

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