Tipps, um mit Spaß und Freude auch langfristig Veganer zu sein

Tips for having fun and enjoying being a vegan in the long term

Our headline says it all: there should be fun and joy . Many beginners to the vegan lifestyle fear that they will have to avoid not only animal products but also gluten, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. But a life with many prohibitions is not pleasant and that's why we prefer to bring the joy of food into the mix. So we cook our soul food or comfort food without any animal ingredients and simply look for a delicious vegan substitute for them. We don't just eat salad and drink green smoothies every day - as delicious as they are. We also enjoy lasagne, pancakes and delicious desserts. And we are conquering the cuisine of distant lands that have been conjuring up delicious vegan dishes for many centuries. India, China, Greece, Arabic cuisine and many other countries around the world inspire us to enjoy food with joy and variety.

Our MadeVegan tips for a long-term vegan diet are:

  • No restraint apart from animal foods
  • Be creative with the recipes and have fun shopping
  • Develop your cooking skills and learn new things
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