Vegan & Grillen – ganz einfach mit Liquid Smoke

Vegan & grilling – very easy with Liquid Smoke

Grilling and a vegan diet don't go together? In keeping with the barbecue season , we would like to put this old myth to rest. Consciously eating without animal products does not mean having to miss out on smoky barbecue fun.

Liquid smoke, or liquid smoke , is an absolute insider tip, especially among vegans. The distilled smoke flavor is basically pure BBQ flavor from the bottle and transforms any meal into authentically smoky barbecue pleasure with just a few drops of liquid smoke.

Liquid Smoke is also completely natural. Hickory wood is burned and the rising smoke is captured in liquid form through condensation , filtered and bottled. Binders or similar additives are completely unnecessary.

Now what do you do with the liquid smoke?

Simply add a few drops to dressing or marinade or add when frying and delicious salads, stir-fried vegetables etc. will quickly develop a typically smoky grilled aroma.

And the best? You don't even have to fire up the grill for long or hope for good weather.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

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