Endlich gesund – wie chronisch Kranke mit dem Superfood empfohlen vom Medical Medium wieder ins Leben zurückkommen

Finally healthy - how chronically ill people can get back to life with the superfood recommended by Medical Medium

The fact that conscious nutrition influences our well-being and our health is nothing new. Anthony William from Medical Medium in the USA goes one step further and his views are finding more and more followers. According to him, some fruits and vegetables such as celery, broccoli and apples are healthy and natural alternatives to classic medicine with which we can not only give ourselves a better attitude to life, but also prevent serious suffering and illnesses or even combat them proactively . and, it is said, sometimes more effectively than with the classic chemical club. In contrast to the good foods, there are some foods that are eliminated from the diet. These include dairy, gluten, eggs, pork, vinegar and salt.

So that you can also enjoy Anthony Williams' lifestyle, we have included a few of his most impressive recommendations in our range and would like to give you a little more insight into the benefits of these healthy superfoods for your diet as advertised by Medical Medium :

Coconut water powder and dragon fruit powder: the exotic superfood duo

Coconut water powder and dragon fruit powder are two exotic superfood powders that not only taste delicious but also provide a range of health benefits . Coconut water powder is particularly rich in electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. These electrolytes play a central role in maintaining fluid and mineral balance in our body. In addition, coconut water powder (in dissolved form) can also help with hydration .

Dragon fruit powder is a natural source of vitamin C and antioxidants . The latter help us fight free radicals in the body and reduce oxidative stress. By strengthening our immune system , dragon fruit powder can help prevent certain diseases and therefore promote overall health .

Both powders, coconut water and dragon fruit, contain important fiber , which promotes our digestion and supports intestinal health. The fiber it contains helps prevent constipation and promotes healthy intestinal flora . By improving gut health, these powders can also support the absorption of other important nutrients from our food.

Both powders also contain a variety of antioxidants that can protect our cells from oxidative stress and inflammation . Regular consumption of coconut water and dragon fruit powder can therefore help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Coconut water and dragon fruit powder are also particularly rich in important nutrients . Dragon fruit powder provides our body with important vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A and various B vitamins. In addition to electrolytes, coconut water powder also contains minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. The combination of these nutrients makes coconut water and dragon fruit powder a particularly valuable addition to a balanced diet.

Overall, coconut water and dragon fruit powder in a powerful combination can have a positive effect on your health. They support hydration , strengthen the immune system , promote intestinal health , provide antioxidants and other important nutrients. With exotic superfoods you benefit from the health benefits and at the same time increase your well-being in a completely natural way .

Uses and effects of coconut water and dragon fruit powder

Coconut water and dragon fruit are two superfoods that are now becoming increasingly popular . They are often offered in powder form , making them an extremely convenient way to enjoy the exotic fruits. As already mentioned, the powders can be integrated into a variety of recipes. Below we want to take a closer look at the two most popular uses .


Coconut water and dragon fruit powder are particularly popular added to smoothies. By adding these powders to your smoothie, you not only get the delicious taste , but also benefit from the health benefits of this superfood. It helps regulate and balance fluid levels in the body, ensuring you stay energized and refreshed . The dragon fruit powder not only gives your smoothie an impressive, vibrant color , but also a wonderfully fruity taste . By adding coconut water powder, you transform your smoothie into a delicious drink that provides your body with valuable nutrients and pampers your taste buds at the same time. No matter whether you choose a refreshing green smoothie or a creamy berry smoothie - the addition of coconut water and dragon fruit powder makes your smoothies a real treat and takes their taste to a whole new level.


In addition to smoothies, you can also use coconut water and dragon fruit powder in other drinks . For example, you can dissolve the powder in water, juice or other soft drinks to get a natural and particularly fruity taste. While the coconut water powder helps to hydrate your body and provide you with important electrolytes, the dragon fruit powder gives the drink a pleasant sweetness and color.

In conclusion, it can be said that the use of coconut water and dragon fruit powder can be a useful addition to your healthy diet and at the same time represents a particularly tasty enrichment for drinks and dishes. The intense color of the dragon fruit powder also visually enhances food and drinks. Just try these superfoods for yourself and discover the positive effects on your health and your taste buds . Your body will definitely thank you!


Dulse Sea Weed – the vegan superfood from the North Atlantic

Although seaweed and algae are still in their infancy as healthy and vegan superfoods in the West, with a few exceptions and the well-known sushi seaweed leaves , more and more people are discovering the potential of seaweed. A lot of vitamin B12 makes seaweed an ideal remedy for indigestion . Seaweed also has more protein than many non-vegan foods such as eggs or meat, making it a perfect addition to vegan menus .

In addition, the natural seaweed of Vitamin Sea's Dulse Sea Weed variety from the wild North Atlantic contains a lot of bioactive iodine , which, according to Anthony William and the Medical Medium, is particularly helpful for thyroid diseases . Additionally, Anthony William swears by the purifying and detoxifying effects of fresh seaweed from Maine. In addition to toxins and metals, seaweed can easily wash harmful radiation out of the body.

And Anthony William is not the only one who knows about the cleansing and calming effects of natural seaweed . The Irish, for example, like to use freshly harvested seaweed from the Atlantic coast as a natural bath additive for healthy skin and a pleasantly relaxing aroma in the bath.

How to use Dulse Sea Weed: healthy taste with an Asian flair

Many people probably only know seaweed and algae from sushi . But as an island nation, the Japanese have learned to do so much more with fresh or dried seaweed and varieties such as nori seaweed, wakame seaweed or kombu are everyday ingredients in Japanese cuisine . From soups to rice dishes, seaweed is a guest at almost every meal, for example in the form of dashi broth , which is an integral part of Japanese cuisine.

In addition to the Japanese, the British also know about the culinary, healthy effects of seaweed. The Welsh like to mix the freshly harvested seaweed from the Atlantic coast with oatmeal (the typical British porridge) and press it into small thalers. These mini pancakes are called laverbread and, after briefly frying, are often served with tea or eaten as a healthy, vegan breakfast.

If you also want to test the tips from Anthony William and Medical Medium as well as the power of seaweed yourself , then we recommend the seaweed flakes or whole dried seaweed leaves from Vitamin Sea . Made from dulse Atlantic seaweed, also known as seaweed, they are not only a vegan super snack, but even though they are harvested on the coast of the USA , they are almost like a local snack from your own maritime backyard.

For example, try the Wild North Atlantic Dulse Flakes as a slightly spicy and maritime alternative to classic salt on rice dishes , in vegetable soups or on a fresh, fruity avocado salad . Or try the Dulse Seaweed Whole Leaves as a basis for delicious and healthy broths, for example in a freshly pureed leek soup .

Further information on Anthony William's diet can be found here: https://www.medicalmedium.com/

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