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Koeze Company

Peanut butter without palm oil Crunchy from Koeze

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The natural peanut butter without palm oil “Crunchy” is made in the USA by Koeze from just two ingredients : peanuts and sea salt. Since the peanut butter does not contain any additives and consists of purely natural ingredients, it should be stirred before use.

American peanut butter without additives

In the USA , peanut butter belongs on every well-laid breakfast table. There is also a simple reason for this. It is an important component of the legendary PB&J sandwiches there. The abbreviation “PB&J” stands for “Peanut Butter” and “Jelly”. The sandwich thus consists of American peanut butter , jelly (or jam) and two slices of toast. The healthy spread is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. But how healthy is peanut butter from the USA actually?

Peanut butter without additives – how healthy is it really?

How healthy peanut butter actually is can be answered relatively easily by looking at the list of ingredients . As a general rule, you can say that a healthy peanut butter only contains one or two ingredients. Sugar, preservatives and hydrogenated oils should not be included. Natural peanut butter without additives has a very high nutrient content and provides you with lots of proteins, fiber, minerals (magnesium, zinc, potassium) and vitamins. Thanks to the high protein content, peanut butter can even help you build muscle . And healthy peanut butter can also help you lose weight . The fiber it contains will keep you fuller for longer. At the same time, nasty cravings are warded off .

By the way: Because of its high fat content , peanut butter often has a bad reputation - but in reality, peanut butter is not as unhealthy as it is claimed. The majority of the fats it contains consist of unsaturated fatty acids , i.e. healthy fat that can lower blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease . But the same applies here: enjoy in moderation! We recommend two tablespoons of the delicious nut cream per day.

Peanut butter is made without palm oil and sugar

The Koeze Company in the USA is now run by the fourth generation . American peanut butter has been made according to ancient traditions for many decades. In the first step, select Virginia peanuts are carefully roasted. The peanuts are then ground very slowly until the desired consistency (“creamy” or “crunchy”) is achieved. In the last step, the peanut butter is given a pinch of sea salt. The natural peanut butter therefore contains no palm oil or sugar . You won't find any other preservatives in the vegan spread. By the way, a sure sign of the purity of the peanut butter is the oil that has settled on the glass surface. Just stir and enjoy!

If you prefer “creamy” (without pieces) rather than “crunchy”, then we recommend the natural peanut butter smooth from Koeze .


Peanuts, Sea Salt

Nutritional values

Nutrition Information (per 100 g)

Energy 2644 kJ / 638 kcal
Fat 50 g
of which Saturates 7,8 g
Carbohydrates 19 g
of which Sugars 3,1 g
Protein 25 g
Salt 0,28 g

More information

Sales description Crunchy Peanut Butter
Details Natural ingredients, mix well before use -Oil seperation is normal
Food Business American Heritage GmbH & Co. KG, Martini Park, Gebäude C4, Provinostr. 52, D 86153 Augsburg
Contents 368 Gramm
Barcode 071157306956

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